5 May 2008

I sink into you.

I sink into you. Like ink sinks into the page. Like the page sinks into thoughts. Like life sinks into flesh. Wearing the thorns upon the edge of something great that could have been, we've climbed into an altitude to expose our chests bare and ugly, filled with our hearts yet pure and true. Desire to fulfill myth and mark the temperature raising at the pace of dreams. Expansive. Exhale distant shores, born lineage fought to pursue back historic claws around the Earth. Her heart beat sends signals that transpire the most immaculate machination ever seen. Omnipotent within the space of her chamber, lives wisdom stretched and wrapped around continuously like the rings of trees to tell of an age caught in quartz. Crystals her thoughts against the night. I am listening. The potential to explore, my dreams labryinthe before me.


Robert said...

*just smiles like a Cheshire Cat*

THERE you are!

TICTAC said...

there is an eye for beauty here too..wow. i am impressed.


cocaine jesus said...

have to say that this is very impressive.