13 May 2008

How's my deriving

The core ghost immersed
faster than the computer
tedium for

when you are petrified
you turn 18

your stomach turns
and you turn to face the wall
this is an immaculate force

you fall
youth all
you fail

but it is not penetrating.
still you insist
since you instill
this sense of falling

to invoke the eye of the fourth dimension
you provoke drums
to the point of no return
what you retrieve from this distance
is immersed in the stillness that is the dancing
darkness that is the light

The blue night
The bass line
the falling

Required frequencies::
This longing

Trust accuracy
Do trees echo
according to science
those drums you provoke
are dreams that exist

The filtered reality of everything closing
It feels as though you've left me
Snow. Cold. Soaked.

Drenched in everything we've had sex.
What lay before us.


Point to your distance.
I am more or less
I have

in immortals

Twins are able to sense each other
guess each other's speech
Couples often share a memory

Corpses. Offer. no. solutions.
Corporations. Blow. Your. Brains. Out.

OM- I have been the sun
You will heave me in a coffin
a new one.
I could think of a more decorative option
But thats your fault.
You taught me to dance
I cannot unlearn those steps
to paradise. To parade as.

Separate us. As a mutual fate.
This i can trust
not your elbows.
I'm not quite sure what that means
I'm not quite shore
what that means is
I will not be tied

And you and I share a mutual fate
Below it out your ass.

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