22 May 2008

come & go


Ruela said...


Jaie said...

so f.kin perfect!

TICTAC said...

maravilloso, maravilloso lazare!!!
me encanta!


Lazare said...

thanks a lot
all for your pleasure

Aaron Held said...

like taking snap shots of dreams, wonderful images

carmen racovitza said...

the reality of dreamreality is peeling off

murmurists said...

Lazare, These are brilliant. I'd like you to do the artwork for a project I'm working on; if you're interested. This style would be great for it.

cocaine jesus said...

Another one of these fine, (pixelated?)
so of this site somehow.
so contemporary too.
wonderful work.

Lazare said...

thanks aaron and carmen. and aaron, i love that phrase "snap shots of dreams" i may steal it from you.

murmurists - thanks a lot! i'll reach you via email.

lol cj! thank you too! we posted at the same time. "pixelated", yeah... but i won't tell you how i do them! i'll just tell murmurists :P