4 May 2008

{the black mirror replied}

Your skin references the edges of what is not enough
We have time for that expatriation
Wet and fierce effort which unites
to adapt our mutual dessert leaves
Thaladm crowned a Halo matrix
Trembling, mysterious egg on the remainder of the smell of an hour.
Gasp judges swallowing the blue form, mourning species in the corners. Shining on the Levers, rubber, and speed performance as a divine Concerto Mthlos gates of the city.
What kind of skin to see the border is not enough
We are living abroad have
Wet and intense to integrate time
Our mutual adaptation to the desert leaves
Hello crowned a table
Shivering, mysterious smell of eggs on the rest of the time.
Have an intake of breath
on the blue form, the species is mourning the corner of the lover, rubber, Concerto cards to the City of God.
His lips to plant a big confidence to women and the promise of ambiguity
He is abdayrh 1,Remote clearly a ghost.
God's mountain spine , I went again,
eye firmly on the oval-century eye.
An autopsy has been called in to appeal the ruling, the wheels torn entry
red us some pocket snakes, To begin the body of the agency.
His lips plants with great confidence to women and promised to you
Through the slightest ambiguity significant holidays.
Eight paragraphs of the new dilemma,
Abdayrh one for yourself,
Remote spectre of clarity.
Smoke piles of spine of God, and I'm again in the Cantata el-Hilweh.
Logical explanation for the third eye firmly fixed on the Oval century of the disease.
an appeal being called autopsy, torn wheels entry
Bedouin accent redder Some of the best gangrene - to the magic of clinical schizophrenia snakes from our pockets, to the neon Mbdl Vines by
in prison illegally, unfortunately to begin to implement a Rumour to the agency.

a version for Rob

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