26 Apr 2008

Why Yellow Submarines were allways really blue. [in progress]

Singing frogs in a telephone booth
play the tune for old shark tooth
The violent octipus dances gleefully
as Waldo's now searching for uncle steve
The Lying Squid sleeps under rock bottom
Telling truth to only men behind you
Angelic remedies of how to get to heaven
Give direction to mars without a begining
She wishes she never met you
and goes on about drinking the flu
I now see the reasoning behind the world
You are who you are
but you are never you
and that's why Yellow submarines
were allways really blue.



TICTAC said...

ah fantastic tale..
and beautiful image!

hi cryingfomorian!

Aaron Held said...

why were yellow submarines blue they had everything they wanted? ahha

nice image and words, glad to see you back.

cocaine jesus said...

great words, great image!