15 Apr 2008


the royal magistrate plays nine finger chess
with a local prostitute who hitches up her dress
while the pantomime headless horse looks on with relief
at the sheer audacity of the scene that beggars such belief
and the vaudeville of corporate business rolls another dice
whilst offering more innocents tax free advice
and nothing really matters much when all is said and done
working for the goverment and fingering their gun.

the tourists ply the city paths with coins of the realm
all the time questioning who is really at the helm
for nothing now makes much sense in this world full of grime
where criminals are free men and good men are doing time
back at the county ground cricketers get stumped
by decaying arm wrestlers who take another lump
of cash that is freely given without the loss of blood
but dignity loses weight and falls down in the mud.

high above salvation hill a priest softly utters
swift pentience to his god who drifts down in the gutters
for life is bleeding fast and no can dress the wounds
so just carve it up with fork and knife or maybe plastic spoons
the tailors of saville row will fit us all with suits
cut from the finest cloth and snakeskin for our boots
for who really gives a shit if another arab suffers
they are just another bunch of pointless little mothers.

the papers research us well and know which button to press
a splendid mix of news that tell of poverty and success
and who has the biggest car and who is now the richest
to bind us all to the pole and grease up our britches
for to fuck us up the arse and to strip us of our guile
with such cheerfull aplomb and sickening toothy smile
for who ever you vote for be it left wing or the right
you'll be seeing then again real soon fed by satellite.

now we lay us down to sleep our pants around our thighs
will no one ever listen to us, our whispers or our sighs
is nothing we ever say really held with some regard?
they treat us like school children or like some poor retard
who sits and begs with a silly grin and drool upon his lip
while fidgeting with a blade that runs along his hip
but anyway,enough of that as you've heard it all before
not for me to critise another poor mans law
but i really would like to think that as we humans evolve
the power that is in the state would now be devolved
so that people of different shades and faith can finally start to live
and no longer take from us the things they ought to give.

1 comment:

TICTAC said...

well?..so true and well written.
reality bites. and harder. if the coscience doesnt evolve..