2 Apr 2008

somatic II


Charge of light triggers flash-visors. Black screens fall to shield faces. In tones / in sound an officer stumbling through darkness. The voice of murder / the voice of art military strategists. A centuries worth of murder undertaken in coldest blood. Veteran fronts resolved to war to science to recycled death. The scientists lament invention, their hobbies abused.

Tall thin smoking / staring out / upon the nemesis blimp, bloated cadavers / buboes upon my horizon. Limb jerk tendencies in positions exerted in the muddy skin, the red muddy flesh of this planet, a tendency when dead, to lie as incongruously as possible. Desired conformists are informed of their own deaths, flashed up in that last instant upon the visor's HUD.

Sighted establishment vantage points, various military columns of graphs and official papers, the clinical lines of the Advisorship / War Minister Belisha decently plays out the myth of hordes / of fanatics standing in mechanization positions still able to respond. Himself articulate, long resistance underlined opponents dropped through net including the hall of fame. He never misses to describe subject words / contemporaries and the Picasso ideal, the indirect strategy realization >> scramble their god-damn faces! << Scream efficient destruction / efficient means to victory / how far feeling can be ripped from the nerve and languor permeated into the will.

Repeat civilian orthodox object war kill. A possible paradox, the nerve nominated for a prize, that is nominated for being the nerve that conveyed the most pain. Aware of the failures / the dromomaniacs still running / the force / the instability of solutions that achieve nothing.

Preparing answers for peace / for a pacifist deploring bombing. >> The world ain't atomic anti-anti-massacre. << Contempt proceeds from under the stale breath of those that have died. Under strategy principles a vast integument of mud and necrotic flesh, the real expressions are imaginative and can be frozen for resale by killing the holder.

Compete tire devices formulaic biograph drag / having to file the report / launch co-ords across the distressed ether. Might cause / roughly 100 clear life writing, corporeal characters printed into the red silt. Influence prestige trace reader, discern his thoughts standing though airing his views / tactics until ideas implode in the depth of a flawed character scarcely without a sickly child buckled upon his bunk. Gorging stories, hot violence and static in the air above. Writing fictional military, first war broke compiling classic Generals to send home on the provided ROM-cards / read the adolescent petty indignities / the suffered victories exaggerated in dispatches. The front no less intelligent.

Human circumstances and tactics climax in such a way as to release blood to the air. A related and vacuous platitude, difficult to obtain pin details, visor plastic scared and obscuring.

The alchemist, the consultant, the cardinal admitted to see others. Obvious and less obvious despite unaccountable moments. To place attrition in the mind from the very outset. Shadows in the sky, a swift-moving mesh / these men finished. Products beaten by doubt / loveable lies that played their poor families / fatherland hampers, among ill-mannered tables. Questions. Tactics in defence naive nature broken by the synthetics of particular beasts / the anti-credentials predicting automatization. Computer argued revolution blow away, heroic virtues as a sign for the stand bluster valour promote aggression of leaders. Look further, no further than recent.

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