16 Apr 2008

SEX tales

she was a naughty convent girl full of bad intentions
her teacher made her stay behind and do all her detentions.
she grabbed his rule book in her fist and shattered his conventions
and made him do it on the desk in ways one doesn't mention.

he placed his hand upon her back and watched her buttocks rise
then rolled his head and rolled her arse and then he rolled his eyes.
she watched him as he banged away between her marbled thighs
and saw him as he pumped himself with ever speedy cries.

then she bit upon her lip and drool formed on her chin
he clenched her flesh beneath his touch and bruised her pimpled skin
she smelt just like a fallen angel on the eve of mortal sin
he knew just how this thing would end just as it did begin.

from the blue skyline high above aged bats and moths fell down
while demons from the dark black gate came from the underground
and still they made their act of love a cacophonous, raucous sound
perplexing even whores and nuns with the tale of their lust unbound.

the moral of this lengthy tale, if there is one to be taught
good sex can come for free and doesn’t have to be bought.


TICTAC said...

she is a catholic girl!
a tale with a zappian aura...

cocaine jesus said...

always zappa!