3 Apr 2008



After surgery, women's hair is worse. The degree of inflammation, and the maximum is part of the abdomen, generally, and the pressure on the abdominal muscles, scars of ovarian cancer. To avoid the risk of infection, post-surgery antibiotic.

This ovariectomisées female hormone replacement therapy for women, as is the case, if the person does not tag for menopausal symptoms, estrogen by the ovaries, no longer exists. I still exist, and some of the ovary, and estrogen is always women, the menstrual enough, cervical, uterine to eradicate. This will help to cardiovascular disease and increase the risk of bone loss, ovarian cancer, and many women in the exercise of the following: - fat diet, adequate amounts of calcium to ensure.

2-6 weeks of the new activities regularly, and we do not need a different type of operation. This is a women's cancer, surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy often. Some women ovariohysterectomy heart trauma, and can benefit from the advice and support groups.


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