24 Apr 2008

leo vinci (Based on aaron held's MAMOMA)

mona land . with land and everything.

mona drops flat on leo. she smothers him with her eyesight.

leo mumbles illegitimate words from under his ridiculous berretta: moma...mamoma..

steam fevers eat her up.... a light lemon steam rises from leo's almost dead body..

mona land. with flesh land. with body. too much body.


put fat round isa body. see isa....fat isa....revenge after death.

black black circles round her bulky eyes.

flat yesyesyessses in her toothless brain
round nononooos on her brainless tooth ....

uuhh, ugly isa

sad brush


cocaine jesus said...

thank you for joining discharge.
and what a great way to start.

Lazare said...


carmen racovitza said...

thanks, cocaine j
thanks, lazare

i am stuttering...
i like the new post most:);)

Anonymous said...

welcome increasingly blasted Carmen_

TICTAC said...

hi carmen!
amazing work!


Aaron Held said...

your versions are so sweet, and welcome!

Leo vinci road the mona isa, he rode it to the gallery where he farted a sense of farts to heart his dear old mona.

carmen racovitza said...

thanks, jaan...i'll be blasted

thanks, tictac...io sonno uno gigantesco puchero (?!)

TICTAC said...

carmen... sei un 'puchero' di genialita'!! ;-)