1 May 2008

more stanzas for lilith

it’s all in the form of en-
gagement one
prefers over other:
it’s said
in this
mo you meant a con-
tract your meat
us stretched su-
pine on tight-
tucked sheets (if we
could see in ultra-
violet – what intimate) your cleft
a broken not com-
plete horizon
the x every-
one’s signature
above. re

how he were ached for he
-r bene-
how she never ran short of
water ab-
solving him of the distance
his skin
(itself impelled)

lilith in fish
mouths gaping
month to month.

him in business

faithless child having

found he
never was

seeking her. your demotic kiss a quest
ion (of) cont®acts
eclipsed by other moons
you move still
the bloodtide
your weighty body swaying
over womb & cradle
baring your open wound
a time told in its
accustomed invisibility

dark mater un
mothering un

wastrel child you wander with
in nigh
(in naught)
tstreet dim welcoming with blackly
iridescent pinions
the children birthed
at birth to flesh.

you are all
mothers for
by fathers un
to shoulder
the adamic inversion

it was you i always
stood as mirror
for saying “yes,
mother, you
look beautiful
in that dress.
mother, no
you don’t
- that print
doesn’t make you -
look fat.
mother, yes
that stone
earth fired
to bone, what
you, father, left.
that stone.
wear it.”

there was no
stone in your story
i know but
that you were born of
as he was
as we were
of you.

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cocaine jesus said...

as i said on the last one, fantastic poetry.