13 Apr 2008

item #6208

Oh, yes, I suppose so ... whatever; or, as you say, '...wha evvrrrrrrrrrrrr...'. I can no longer fix. (6) Clearly, I can no longer fix.ee. (6ee.) Trip-wire ...oh my cabled heart desire? I have never been street. I see no tv. I slip only soup by you ... I mean mush ideas, shapeless brain bray bray prey prey. Hedging you get me... hedging on. I'm such a prick. You trailed as much. But implode? Let's dissolve.

I keep this box. Explosives. Gun of Dad. Grenade ... ka-boom the mum. Fuck you right up. No trouble.


Aaron Held said...

yay murmurists!

kek-w said...

Awwwright, you sonuvagun Gun of Dad!

murmurists said...

Thanks & best wishes