15 Apr 2008

In fear rhea

rHEa is known as the largest satelite of Saturn.
and a slut.
composed of water-ice and a rocky core
many would like to give er' one!
in direct sunlight temperatures reach -281°F
she is cold and naked, alone and filthy.
Rhea is heavily cratered with bright wispy markings
due to being a space whore with no where to go..the WHORE.
Discovered by Giovanni Domenico Cassini a.k.a that NGH with a lisp
foul mouthed creature. BLIND HIM!
with craters which are larger than 40 kilometers
it's clear she likes it deep, and raw...but it's been a while.
Some say Rhea is 'somewhat' similar to Dione
but everyone I know says Rhea will go well further
and do more stuff with her mouth. The bitch!
Mean distance from Saturn (km) 527,040
she stinks and sucks rocks such is the case
she has to be checked for new discoveries,
every three seconds.
Reports say, she may also have rings
but she may pawn them to get doe for the bus home..again... whore !
how loose.
Cassini is seeing her, so he says, but there may be a few others with an interest in her
so he better watch out. that prick.


cocaine jesus said...

she has rings does she?

where does she keep 'em?

Aaron Held said...

this is so sweet man, haha

Robert said...

MASSIVE damage, young lion!!

TICTAC said...

amazing article!
at last the real story!