11 Apr 2008


ether or e-ther

this much is clear

there’s always an otherworld out there

a phlogiston just itchin’ for exploitation

almost incendiary in its nervous tensions

a dormant slow-

time explosion

all it takes

is a nerve to fire it

and then

in the usual double unfolding

barter economies enfold

secure trans-actions

a sublimated aggression implicit in engagement

each community formulates its own conventions

better not try to advertise your variable verticals

in this here forum. them’s fine things, words, to so

debase as to formulate your own face in this multi-

faceted mirror

it’s the infinite rhetorical gesture

the proffering of that which I have. which will be.

lost in the gesture.


cocaine jesus said...

fantastic read. sort of split threads that fray but rejoin. (if you know what i mean?)

fissuresofmen said...