17 Apr 2008

Burn Bags

Silver-pock silk Nono-virus #3: that brings back memories, Lisa, however it was my sister who had a Polly Pocket. Now he is a 51-year-old father appearing intermittently in Holby City. He told me: “After the coup in 1973 in Chile, they cut Victor Jara's hands off and said “sing now, you bastard” before killing him.” Burn bags fall from the burnt-milk coloured skies of Old Ohio. Sullen tresses. The ashes of my beloved.

Executive Order #5941 reads: 1.4 (f) United States Government programs for safeguarding nuclear materials or facilities; or: Haz-Mat Usage; or: the word BURN printed in 24pt Franklin Gothic Medium on a 2.6oz Hessian bag. Spinach served as an entrée.

I have a vague fascination with, how you say, ‘Brocollo’: that be Brocolllo (sic) by Ziggggy. Watch it on MyQuartzSpace Videos Nunch-Station No. 2: we’re uploading clips in infra-red. Crimson-tinted home-movies of bullfighters from the mid-sixties, blurred footage of old men fighting a minotaur-like creature, the film stained a glum beetroot red. Blurred footage of you, girl.


Robert said...

i can only applaud at the sheer whatthefuckness of it, Kek!

Aaron Held said...

really sweet kek, love the ending

cocaine jesus said...