21 Apr 2008




Inconsequential said...

Ooh! Inkblots! It's...

A couple holding hands...with knives behind their backs?

A bat setting out at sunset?

A space ship about to crash?

My therapist would be pleased :)
If they were still with us :(

Inconsequential said...

btw, I like it :)

Ruela said...


Ruela said...


HOT! ;)

Aaron Held said...

i like this!

Anonymous said...

WOW! xcellent!

cocaine jesus said...

whatever it is it is good. really like this.

go Tictac go!!

TICTAC said...

hahaha, inconsequential!
i like your choices!

therapists are wild people in disguise! :-))

this is basically about human relationships and their inherent intricacies..

thank you inc., ruela, aaron,jaan, cj.. you are all so sweet. and i enjoy being here making art and admiring everyone's
different but distinctive style.