18 Apr 2008

Aunt Marjoram

Aunt Marjoram flowered her underparts with a solution of lime and ginger
She wore no make up but preferred a drab charcoal eyeliner to accompany her nose on its journey
Forsaking her cat and the redundant man she husbanded she wandered a sly path by the canal
Liverpool was cool but it wasn’t 0161 and thereby hang a tale
She could remember when Matt Busby had glimmered his reed regiments and red their cloth
But no more sonny, no more and now for Ipswich and Suffolk for to suck fuck
Her cholesterol ran a rigid finger over and across her fat tiered wall belly wobble the filth of finery
And she caught a cold cab from Hull to Lincoln Inns Field and ribbed the dry rub of froth and such
Cane and Ciano and Canine and Able blind alley cats and dogs foreign in their watery husks
But the bettered buttered folk of London Town, OLD, were not a sociable types at all and shrugged
At her inclement underparts all flowered with scented bribes and contusions of confusions
This wasn’t her place to fall upon and so she didn’t but picking off her dry scabs she ovulated into
Spain where she harried grist whore lover and kiss like lip to bleed his mouth


TICTAC said...

you are a great storyteller, cj, so versatile!

Robert said...

this was a wild trip :0