24 Apr 2008

aaron and carmen

what is (F) art


Body: (F)Arfar the bast onion, on noi dew fruit.

Ism the ilsama dada, foot the noise is fruit.

is monsters a achu kazooo, and his farts are my farts

her farts is my farts, we all fart the fartists

farts smell and some is a lice eater.

we breath farts so that fart can achuu on you

I grow semen in a test tube.

babies like to cry

and a fart to the heart and your to late a plate is full of fart

fart in a gallery next mona lisa, she her smile she farted to

picasoo farted nonsense and then farted to breath.

i welcome farts and release a squeaky gas! but no from my ass

a gas from my hands a smell gas that chokes up the brain my filter needs to be cleaned

I cannot not fart much longer until my hands give out i will fart the non'd more then many, and haussenism is the fartist collage.

a fart for you is a fart to many

ismama law is a forgotten poem of farts , it ate hearts and tried to produce arts

stiffs and the nose's uppers like to smell farts but do not understand a fart from a heart they eat hearts and let the oil drain, revealing a fart the nonexistent kinds of ducks where i was duckkinds, fever farts and not a fart

I wish my heart was full of farts i could then produce a art.

carmen's farty answer

he chokes
gas gas!
breath. breath
let his heart wish she writes an I poem

welcome the subtle , strong smell of hands
reaching the fart of inspiration

and smell the fart’s fart , if you can
drawing the sketch of a perfect fart on the blackboard

duckkinds could eat live hearts and peecasoo is thrown down the drain, dada
but she grows late for smelly breath. the fart cry is nonexistent , can art smell strong enough as to turn you from the dead ?
art farts are fruits of gas farted by we , smallish peecasoos of late gas

deep breath

i , lisa, cannot release that (F) Body: a late gas has no Body:

let your heart understand understand fart fart law

it happens mostly when you fart the fartist. don’t . fartists give much fart. it is their job to spread the smell . the achu smell of farted smiles and miasmatata mamata

why does the smell of lice fart bother you , pee?
next fart law is already forgotten, peepee

put on your gas mask

oh, the filter is clogged…




cocaine jesus said...

dali inspired?

Aaron Held said...

I love this! you farty answer is nice :)

Aaron Held said...

breathed a dali fart, inspired me to produce an art.

carmen racovitza said...

ha ha ha, both of you