10 Mar 2008

the song they stole

when the sky opens and enters black
into the cusp staring planets,
excuse themselves and deny responsibility
starving dreams religiously of sustenance
sustaining nightmares aimlessly
greet on the cross hairs of assassins glare
steady those compounds
the pressure is relentless tied to furious wings
that beat held onto by a chain...
the storms tore sanity through the hull of hopes and dreams,
those clouds will rot
as the winds revolt
denying Tuesday
in relation to a line, served the blinded gods call
they sent the maps to morose, my words captured the returned promise
not an option
gleaming indifference was the cause to suffer
a burnt offering
played the edge like erosion
science bequeath the night's eye upon constellations deny the turn
another turning around within the wheel,
with her when the wind speaks
a cause of sorrow, coarse analysis...
intrepid glow follows me outside, from the bar
like limbo a task to purge victory
an oppressor's subject
next , i had doubts that swam around on the concrete of absolution
we gave her the power, and she turned into a monster
we sung
then they stole the song, and burnt the tongue from the soil it had awoken
but the earth remembered, and when craters
were in fashion
we all outlined the difference.
this was told to you by the first
sisters, now thirsty
they set up solitude to interrupt when
your logic disperses and dressed the myopic red
sages underestimated, the abacus to her stride
calculated steps carried us towards the distance
and fear revealed a valuable flaw in the reflection it never held
our teachers , our treacherous, those tomorrow will scorn
for us the forest floor reached up and swore we were on the right track
this path I've allowed up the stream of my tears in a final lament..
your concern was willed, gathering remnants of the shadow
that eclipsed the light we held on our way through understanding,
the door a jar jeered us nearer retaliation
all of the constructed lines allowed the distraction to flow
distorted redemption
us as forgiving as the stain upon our silk sky ripped apart
i'm tempted to tear at the street and lie to the road side
step each indigo pattern in glowing frequencies,
we frequent seas as rivers that blend kinetic
curious microscopes lunge for a sample of the sweet
sticky dripping a mere swing of the emblem embedded in our fore thoughts
abstained from subtracting the aftermath
an exiled king swallows shame by opening a plague
door just enough as the might of her majesty.

We raced emissions to the sound of hymns in layers
abyss from the psalm , they swung an ax in ten stages
we staged an axis, elemental crisis
then the Sufi's, a mined resistance to sulfur
x-sits biologically preyed upon
alternate awakenings in sync
to twelve formed reality
a cloud, the bell tolls out of the blue
eye extinctly remember the fallen echo
my brothers chased a million
endings to the same string
ID stinky remember you
made m look silly next to me
look weed be fading buy now
your chromosomes admit it under
interrogation the pyramids
annoyed so i stole your soul
back from the gate keepers
you are French for the crime
the dead smell as though they
were alive this is a crime I've borrowed
the first time wasn't so death defying
don't be so surprised
if they erect another penis
before you no it is in your month
making your sandwiches cold.
You shall spread the bred across the crust
and meet in the middle with
your choice of sources
you were no nonsense mess to tamper with
they'll never escape.

There i sat, contaminated blur
distance shorted
this sharp end devious.


Jaie said...

a little chaotic, cause I couldn't paste how it was laid out and stuff..soz.

cocaine jesus said...

hey, do not apologise, this is a fantastic piece.

Forrest Armstrong said...

Damn, Jaie. That shit was epic. I'd love to see how you lay it out on a word processor.