17 Mar 2008

plugged in somatic

Base launched collection. Bullshit upon the urban, broken as drugs, sex and counterfeit goods. Launch recovering line being out there creative behind the attitude putting across product. See the torsos challenged, suck in a sense directly into the beat / pulse / lock-up the zygomatic arches. Parts, tongue / cheek, I think through spattered mud. All have pickings / faces polite / passive as carrion. Though drug-reality in today's. The brutality talks / and the market trades in somatic waste. The sectioned corpse framed as a nasty portrait, toothless and vacant, over-written and impaled. Image suckers see the read caption, short tongues rock idly in privileged mouths.
Sky bleached hot. Cheek punctured by regardless branding / cauterization of soft face. The remains of a torso, the image shot engages and the khaki a secondary integument still burns / melts, rivulets score channels in desensitised flesh. The gratification / identifying a generation / a opus of patients swallowed in the syndromatic models, calculated to provoke endemic triumph of cause and motives.
It is still and all remains questionable, rot, the innocent degree of knowledge assumed on the journey from black boot dancing to the director of the agency / ballerina limbs dance in the mud. Psychological effects on a formal night going ready where possible / encountering fantasies and agencies learned of the punches when speaking. Commands, orders violence static ricochets in helmet / wire frame overlay, smeared accompaniment on visor.
Promoting drug launch, a scent fusion puked into the sky.
Company took out the back of ID's skull and inserted folded programming. Stood speed-wrap / ID inside wrap perfume a fusion sniffing the message of used and crumpled language. Crucially ID's reader still condemned promoting a censoring of the initiating revival.


Jaie said...

re:wired my brain.

Forrest Armstrong said...

This is fucking unbelieveable, DD. I've been digging your shit since joining Discharge but I think this takes the cake.

Robert said...

i can only add my voice to the chorus