11 Mar 2008


want to take more
circular boy.

i rotate.
thought on
great cylinder
spinning between

a time
when you shout
" iam cured "

a time
when you choke
" iam sure "

at im' never forgetting this, time.

and you're right, i am never forgetting.
that time. in that shit appartment.
your futon matress on the floor.
and you fucked me .
so hard.
it made me sick. for a week.

my mouth torn open from the heat.

i think i have no courage.
so much so. that i even wonder
what the fuck it is.


i think i would have married . you. but then
when you said something about it.
maybe. being something to happen.


... ..... vinegar . on . soap ..... ...

but i was afraid.
you know of the standard shit.
like . your . body . ten years.
and how that's not what i want.
-| but i didn't think.
-| i did not. even. step.
-| to the future. of self.
-| and bore out the arrogance.
-| that'd i'd be then what i .
-| am now.

that. is what i'll want then.
your hands when they just begin.
to become soft. with our age.

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