4 Mar 2008

I prefer canopies of exception. For me, there is nothing overtly mature. My few applications - invisible though they are to you - model intimacy within archives of introspection. If I thumb further, I thumb invasively. (Her hands, for instance.) I shelve no restraint. Meanwhile, you flap your tongue to no conclusion, no endowment. You believe this encourages me. It does not. I prefer providence, and its lack of interest in ideology, and I favour time, and its army of subsequences. You, in contrast, are always open to new ideas. Why? Firm understanding is not so versatile, believe me.

I am characterised by my exceptions, I think, and I fear adulteration in order to remain that way. Most things are a matter of administration.


Lazare said...

great. i think we may reach an agreement.

Anonymous said...

... will occur at it's finest!