5 Mar 2008

fancy unDress while tar {information for your use only!}

a bag full of pleasure would repeat the satisfaction of distinguished size
towards the 24h opened walls knocking off shields while the doorbell resized
the paper bag to a matchbox vehicle making fun of ads
this just started to repeat like vomit baked beans turning their smile to you

worse it became while coupons lit the darkness full of trash only because
three had wanted one for all but what was the mall all about if not the jerky call
of dude's using melody for whispering in grids of carpet potatoes fried to the face
talking to them like can't you even step out the door without watching yourself
nevertheless the neon flash did last in big letters while the green mile got tattooed
as rotten signature in mom's chest too bad he was wearing her skirt

freshly it was time to unDress the tar paint was spilling life's colors to the sound of birth
all turned to fast as they closed the light and neatly placed it out of reach of those that felt it was getting hot
why was to scream illegal
suddenly heads would get cuffed and tapered to relaunch the light as purple mechanism being called by the number 42
mothership had arrived it‘s destination of infinity membrane slaughtered by high peaks during detectives
tried to detect time of lost has the paper fullfilled it's destiny calling for backup would you please do so
instead the ceiling was tiled by boneless bodies slipping through the shopping window stealing like love guns erection

this was getting too much out of hand the credit card used to line up customers and up up and away
blow was the word blow smacked the face out of style

ok, one thing
i‘ll never go shopping there anymore_period


Robert said...

Kwo's right, Jaan...you have your own style that is immediately recognizable...no way anyone could rip you off, Jaan

this was great, smartass!

Anonymous said...

thanks dickhead_