3 Mar 2008

Discharge Write-up

Hey -

Just wanted to let you guys know I did a little write-up about Discharge on my website... anyone interested can check it out at www.forrestarmstrong.com...

And any artists whose work I have included in the write-up: feel free to tell me to take it down. I just want to give Discharge to the world! I'm very passionate about this little blog I have found (or that has found me, I suppose) and I've been meaning to write about it for a while now.

I'll post more art soon - I've been trying to figure out how I can post a song, an audio file, as I've been working on some pretty surreal tunes with my new band that I think you guys would like...



Robert said...


i was looking around here for ya earlier, young lion

ya GOTTA submit to the next StarFish...or let me rip something from here, Forrest

this is my last issue as editor, so ya GOTTA be in it, dude

lemme rip something from here?

*looks up at you all doe-eyed*

murmurists said...

This is great stuff; for which thank you. I, too, feel Discharge is something very special. I agree with your every word.

Just to say, have reposted content of your posting here...


Hope that's ok.

Best wishes & many thanks,


murmurists said...

Forrest ... Have you a direct email, please, as I'd like to submit something for your writing project.

Best wishes, Anthony

cocaine jesus said...

murmurists/anthony>>>if you go to the permissions section of discharge there you will find each and everyone's e-mail addresses.

forrest>>>thank you for the praise. not worthy but most welcome. that 'poem' that you have selected though is just a 'cut and paste' exercise. i stole the words from a ceartin mister frank zappa when he was waxing lryical about edgar varrese. not that i have simply taken verbatem all that zappa said as i have chopped it up a bit but i simply cannot take credit for something in such a way.

Forrest Armstrong said...

Robert - I sent you a story called "Plant the Seed" on February 10th, did you not receive it? I think you'll like that story a lot. I'm pretty proud of it, anyways.

Murmurists - Of course that's fine. I got your submission, but I'm a bit behind with them so don't get mad at me if it takes a week or two!

CJ - So I should remove it? Either way it's fuckin' great.

Robert said...


i did not receive that story...my hotmail has been junking things that should NOT be junked the past while and that's probably where it wound up


can you resend it, please?


Forrest Armstrong said...

Rob - I sent it to Submissions@Starfishpoetry.net ... is that where you wanted it?

Robert said...




i dont know how to get in there LOL!!!!!

i take submissions at:


sorry Forrest, im a dork

Robert said...


nevermind--i just figured out how to get in again

i got it, i got it!


(holy fuck, am i a dork or what?)