29 Mar 2008


Good day ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls.
Citizens of the world all.
You know, we humans have lived on this planet now, depending on your viewpoint, for a number of years.
Compared to the long extinct dinosaur we have been around for only minutes but hey, the dinosaur is dead and besides, what did they know? They were never the smartest of beasts were they? They could never match our intellect nor understand, let alone equal the amazing advances we have made in so short a space of time could they?
No, they couldn’t, they didn’t.
Why, we have Google and Yahoo and MSN.
We are, without a shadow of a doubt, the smartest mammals on this planet. The brightest of primates.

How come we keep fucking up then?

Oh, come on now, you know we do.

With all our mind boggling technological advances, with all the ground breaking medical discoveries we have made, with all our wit and wisdom we still haven’t been able to shake off our tribal instincts nor indeed the primitive urge to be King of the jungle. And boy what a jungle! We leave one jungle behind only to create another. A sophisticated network of industry and commerce that the bigger monkeys can swing from with their white collars and Mercedes mentalities. A system of living that is held together by a fragile belief in self betterment that is shackled to the society we have wrapped our selves in and kept together by the increasing pressures of need and greed.

With one flick of the switch it could all fall apart.

Of course, we have no one to blame but ourselves do we?
After all, when push comes to shove, when was the last time any of us tried to make a change?

Now do not give me that system shite.

We created the system.

We maintain the system.

We ARE the system.

And do not go blaming it on ‘them’.
You know who I mean.
Our politicians and successive governments. (They all smell the same to me.)

Isn’t it time to take responsibility for our actions, or lack of them, and stop blaming it all on someone other convenient whipping boy.

Come on people. It has been one hundred thousand years since we swung down from the trees and fell in a rut.

Shouldn’t we try to climb out of that rut now?

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