30 Mar 2008

And without bug color pigments, mineral particles luci, Australia to implement a variant color Ultra cabin waves iceberg - you depends on the angle of light, and La Luz, constantly moving.
The partnership was born of this game bug bit color, born the game of Light, color and apply the makeup. Each of the color of your skin color, showing the iceberg.
Iceberg and color without pigment, luci The mineral particles convert color to implement Australia's Cabin wave of ultra iceberg - you Lars depending on the angle of light and the movement continues.
And Berg colour, luci The mineral particles, Australia transformed to implement wave Berg cabin colors ultra - you light varies depending on the angle and La Luz, continually on the move.
For Las Vegas to clear skin, and Roth, pastel green shading Australia; dark skin Las Vegas, become iridescent Mexico, the bright colors are intense.

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