3 Feb 2008

wiRe box {electric confession seats}

razor wired as we also cut
the walls never shut our mouths
because we love the silence in our holy house
and proudly scReaming at those…_

highly overdozed of any past frigid live shows_


cocaine jesus said...

joy division

Anonymous said...

i know them,
(my friend told me once my voice would sound like his)
but not very well, did i say something like them?
sorry for my ignorance in that case asking_

cocaine jesus said...

not ignorant at all mate so don't worry on that score.
the whole of joy divisions image was based on a nazi type thing so your art, with its austere look and the barbed wire made me think of that.

should have said i liked it rather than just put joy division.

Anonymous said...

ah OK, well that's nice!
*blushes a bit* hehe
thank YOU very much_

Robert said...

youre doing some good work over here, Jaan...really enjoying your visual stuff, as im accustomed to your texting

Ruela said...


Aaron Held said...

awesome image, already enjoying your stuff, and wantin more

Anonymous said...

thankX & spanx
_I'll push to find more appropriate...

cocaine jesus said...

hey jaan,

do what ever you want. don't worry about doing what is appropriate.

no rules here.