4 Feb 2008

washing the metallic taste out of my wounded mouth
while my right ear was listening to the covering nasty green flavor trying to expand
i got smashed into framed horizons of those synapses
that would constantly choke themselves by
copying one frame of mind to the end of some sinister event
dead end but it would never appear it could be happening now
left ear heard the sound of keys
i locked the box until glue would be leaking for the rest of those
it just didn‘t deserve this odiously transpiration
nothing but oppression nothing but regression
i was fed up with the taste
my stomach turned
it wouldn't be fading
starting to pull my teeth one by one using the red wrench
my jaw just dropped realizing i had chewed someone‘s bones
all brittle all torn worn by skins of them being limp larva
full of blood the taste got worse
those souls must have been never born isometric
why else would they be able to such loathsomeness
they wouldn‘t accept the lobotomies that simply needed to be a fact
so i put down the toothbrush that was the worst fungal attack of this day
pressing my head down under the swamp of my gnarled body
this repetition would just starting to continue in the loop of lachrymosity
i just left the bathroom having this oilskin tongue
which i would decide to cut in half
one side neglected
the other kept forcing psittacosis to my body
i swallowed
i fell

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