2 Feb 2008

timed jesus {melting plastic perfume}


cocaine jesus said...

as my kids say...WICKED MAN!

Ruela said...

time crucifixion

welcome to d4 ;)

Aaron Held said...

awesome start,

love the smell of melting plastic.

kek-w said...


Robert said...

quite the how do ya do Jaan!!!

i just want everyone here to know that Jaan is my boyfriend, and i taught him EVERYTHING he knows :)

Anonymous said...

*kiss ya sweet r{u}obber_Y*>-<
love to all you at the pillory_
and some plain spanking thankx_

Robert said...

welcome aboard, lil bro

what took ya SO LONG to ask?


Jaie said...

pile up on Jaan!!


Anonymous said...

you know my informational
disaster I'm constantly attached
diggin' my self out
piece by piece and
part after part
one zero binary_

Oh no, I'm still wearing my ski mask!