18 Feb 2008

Studying wolves.

I don't know why I keep reviving this machine
I don't know why I keep breathing life into this machine
I promise I wouldn't pick a bad fruit
I promise I wouldn't expect you to eat rot
I promise we will wilt together
I promise someone will undo our work
I promise it doesn't mean a thing
I promise the magic lies in that this is nothing
That it is spawned from the empty
'Hey chosen one' i hear them say
Tomorrow lethal injection
twelve die at eight
I know the significance of spelling numbers
I feel the electricity in my spine
when i think of slicing the wind
and stealing the song it sings
I love to read how you talk back
how you steal abstract
and make it absolute fact
I'm insecure I'm sorry
I love the way i wrote this to you
I love your significance and that you are special
I love that poets are especially talented
at making stuff up
That like the blues. Shines.
I love that here we are wealthy beyond measure
in terms of funk and Jazz
And they can only look in
I love that his song is perfect
and that he stole his tongue from god.
That I bought mine burnt
Champion sound
I snatch ions instantly
and gorilla the background like the streets are talking
cold cement slabs have reached their peak
destiny in Mozambique , some shit i won't say
"if it makes you feel better"
fields of letters still glistening
I should tell you more about tomorrow.


Forrest Armstrong said...

Wonderful, Jaie! This is the best poem of yours I've read since joining this thing. Brilliant!

Jaie said...

yeah, some street bits in at the end there.

thanks forrest.

Robert said...


i dont know what to say

i just want to read it over and over

there's a beat blaring from the radio and im trying to rap

40 years old and im trying to rap

and fuck if im not feeling it

Indigo said...

Very nice!

I have a friend who wishes that the human race had been derived from wolves instead of apes. Personally, I would have chosen something that can fly :)

I really like you poetry!

Anonymous said...

...and we just chill
as we hear the wind blowing

we will be flying anyway_

cocaine jesus said...

54 years old and still impressed.
spanking stuff.