15 Feb 2008

song for rattle {tribute for the platinum filth}

fiddled and piddled *hit the snare*
as finally it got a launch&spin oh where
those spines driven down the hallway those scare
not caring for any sign saying,- what‘s the sin? do you care?
unfolded brain used up all seat places in that stinky train
the captain was shaving his lame *now the rhythm goes slower* fame
lost it‘s speed *rhythm goes up to 250bpm*
he called yeah that‘s what I need speed on weed is tweed for my feet yes feed no meat
i need but meet i am flesh under the wheels of unfortunate fortune torture portion mesh
get out next stop is ocean launching the sin spin is launched by dim the light
and walk the way without hall in *offbeat rhythms, since 2 bars* stall
version is now the upper case two point zero
dropped his suitcase and headed for the hero *beat 82bpm* closet filthy and wet it came and spread
*rhythm drops* to the toast or bread good night i‘m in bed_

{just had to...it just reminded me so darn}

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