15 Feb 2008

Rembrandt reincarnated as a hermit crab, a nodular carapace in place of a hat; a filthy restless beard of clicking mouth-parts grips his brushes as he fitfully applies the finishing touches to a sombre portrait of Archduke Jaan de Perle.

His bellymeat hangs low, smeared with linseed oil and spatters of ugly dark yellow ochre. How will history remember me, he wonders, suddenly hungry. He extends an eye, scratches at the canvas with a lop-sided claw and pivots irritably on an exo-skeletal chassis mottled by seaweed and the passing years.

The reek of brine hangs heavily in the air. He dreams of foam and the dark, uncharted depths of his own soul; memories shift and slide on an uncertain tide. He lights his pipe. Dust and pollen dances in the glum autumnal sunshine falling heavily from the skylight overhead.

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Forrest Armstrong said...

How lucky are we that new art of this quality is posted here on Discharge everyday?