18 Feb 2008

RattleJiff’s Experimental Questionnaire

1. What are you?
The beauty and momentum of the universe, that abstraction staining your cheek.

2. What am I?
The freshest heaps of organic mush, divine silly putty with your own memetic arc. A soda bubble that never fails to rattle my jiff.

3. What is going on between me and you?
Entire galaxies of spearmint gun, strange things that fulfill your outer labia's need to expect some sort of context.

4. What is the difference between me and you?
A sparkle, a groan, nothing that can't displace oceans by shuddering in places we would never leave if not for the noise dripping from your breasts.

5. What is going on, in general?
History is receding into shadow form, obviously, its glands soaked in cocaine verdantry.

6. Finish the following sentences:

i. Children go to playground because minute details cascade when borne upon those mysteries that leap after poetry.

ii. She spun and then she evoked the back of our throats, otherwise known as the failure to vortex and current as semiotics.

iii. Between my legs screaming, hot and bothered by their eyeless perversity.

iv. For further information, don't be afraid to sound random.

v. Saliva sometimes plasters its own nuances with winter's easy cognition.

7. Start the sentences:

i. Dead fish mailed several loud barks at bravura because they were mad at it.

ii. When you look calmly out upon streets lined with rows of damp shufflings across time's mangy drip, it becomes delicious.

iii. The biggest drone carries the biggest suitcase.

iv. Melting more beats than previously imagined can be really hedonistic.

v. We tongue-wrestled for the right to sit on the abandoned winged-back throne until we were too tired to go on.

8. Fill in with an appropriate word or phrase.

i. A woman was endured in the conjugate quiver by the river until she creased the pants of an unusually attractive man. As soon as she meditated upon what rhymes with dossier, the man sat down on a sheath of green light. She immediately began to glow in solidarity with him.

ii. I often meet bits of glass flying off shattered egos because I like to be equivalent with your breath.

iii. Halitosis grabbed a piece of my shrinking spine and started to tango with it.

iv. He opened his glazed, drugged eyes and without even noticing the nearby etch of continuity, he was seized by a new, filthy type of magic and jumped into the hum of the illicit background.

v. A big, golden snake is growing inside me. It leads me to constantly lust for the crown of your curves, which cause a lot of grief to me and my flow geometry.

9. How do you feel after completing the above tasks?
Like pus dripping from burnt, charcoal-like crosses.

10. Did this questionnaire inspire you? If YES, to do what?
Yes. To swing blindly on hinges of dried bone.

11. Can a questionnaire be a form of art?
If it circles the void enough times, yes. Why not?

12. What would you feed this questionnaire with, if it had been a human?
Daringly spread legs.

13. Is RattleJiff pretty enough to create a proper questionnaire?
RattleJiff would never create a proper questionnaire. It is simply not her way.

To see the original questionnaire and fill it out yourself, please visit here.

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Forrest Armstrong said...

Thanks for sharing, Robert!

...History is receding into shadow form, obviously, its glands soaked in cocaine verdantry...

Some beautiful moments in there...