21 Feb 2008

organs, tissues, cells, biomolecules.

Overall, it is better suited for deducing the mechanism of the action (see description of the strengths of each and biological). Variable and amplification reaction with the less subtle perception of the cause, the result is more commonly recognized.

I biometric (Latin: living outside) to take place outside the biological significance. Science, the organization that represents the former biological experiments on living creatures, or other artificial environment. The most common "I biometric" of procedures involve living cells from the tissue culture lab in an embryo or fetus and equipment, usually a few days or weeks under the conditions infertility. This feature is still impossible for biological experiments under controlled conditions thoroughly euronama organization's expense reports, "natural" environment. [In situ] One has performed extensively in biological research, I just chick chorioallantoic (Cam) analysis. These analysis, Cam makuie promotion of angiogenesis embryo outside a woman's creatures (chicken). In utero typically, the research is vital to perform In vitro fertilization cheoe ago, but the use of these two terms are synonymous.

Biometric (Latin: living within) that takes place inside the microbes. And the progress of science experiments in the life of the organization, biological or all living creatures, the whole or part of one or death, as opposed to a controlled environment. Animal testing in the form of biological research and clinical trials.

I feel the pain of human beings as animals. Feel back to the trail - 17-century French philosopher Rene Descartes, who claimed that the animals do not experience pain and suffering because of their tribal rituals. In vivo [68] [69] of the federal law regulating pain for the animals, [70] and writing in the 1980s, researchers continue to equivocate whether animals experience pain, and the veterinarians in the United States before 1989 were simply trained animals taught to ignore the pain. [71] interaction with other scientists and veterinarians, regularly questions "prove" that animals are conscious, and "can be used as a scientific" basis for the claim that they feel pain In silico. [71]


Robert said...


cocaine jesus said...

i must be as we must be biometric then?
biometric dischargers.

David Setchell said...

if ( they ); then
my.listener( ! bio && ! metric )




shouts out on the floor.
signaling wood to creak.
thickening then evacuates
the air organized between
my lungs and capp.pp.i.lories.
we .are. ritual.

one. on. smart guts and lips
once read.
``ideas != beauty``
``habit == smarty``

cartesian or not.
we collude.
two points against
for .

eq i love this song.

Lazare said...

thanks a lot.

david - love your poem, man. much better than my text... thank you.