9 Feb 2008

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These few sentences... fist of rational viz mystique, 'leaps of conclusion', or so on. Today, this is all there is, just more

1. Dandruff of the Orator.

Continue please...

1.1 On on onward, triste of tag wheel, id solar id solar id solar, lights upon, what?, knowledge?
1.2 Logic repeats rationale judgements, 'judgements irrationale', judgements nonetheless.
1.3 New experience forms essentialism, but is neither essential nor quasi-essential; it is, instead, knowing.
1.4 Absolution changes thought. Such execution promises end-result, but wrongly so. Ha.
1.5 Will is process. (See how they run.) Wilfulness may only be ergo anon, however.
1.6 Tradition implies consequence; tradition implies limitation. Consequently, we traditionally limit.
1.7 That said, reluctance goes beyond some limitations, implying some direction.
1.8 Components of this concept are works of art.
1.9 Ideation is physical. In other words, baby, let's get physical.

2. Blind Networks (of some Bach Utensil 911).

Do not necessitate me, please; proceed in order to set unexpected directions. Can you? I am ideas in the mind. Are you? Can you afford your formalities? I understood my conduct was in question; yet you said little in person. It may never reach a viewing, I know, but may we induce something soon? My ideas pull upon your chain, as you said previously. I share something like the same concept; and since no formality is intrinsic or expressive, that might be enough. For instance, if maths then literature; if literature then maths.... See, I am concerned only with grey exception. The past applies all over me and how I am.... Meet me at the alter, please.

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