23 Feb 2008

A hired harlequin with the head of a gas-giant; constellations in the shape of Himmler's brain. Almond-shaped teardrops of methane for eyes; soft, slowly-spinning, marshmallow-pink cloudlayers of frozen ammonia.

A church-tower swarming with children. Chimpanzees emerge cautiously from the doorway of the cafe, sniffing the air for traces of nerve-gas. Time accelerates suddenly. Bilingual expediency ahoy! Rheostats ablaze, we seek any B-road that might lead us to the Singularity Highway.

Cough-drop delirium, the endless rustle of paper-cups. Sugar moms, dripping taps; serendipity for tuppence - anything will do: belligerent, middle-aged sheiks rolling slowly downhill in a barrel.

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Robert said...


enjoyed this Kek, mucho bizarre and humorous imagery