20 Feb 2008

Duchamp's Children


Aaron Held said...

Press button number 1, and hold button number two

press button number 3 3 times and press button number one once

press all three and slam your hand at the top.

press button two and then hold then, press again

press button three and button 2, then lick button one.

hold all buttons down for 10 seconds and then say open, the buttons will now say a, b, c.

hold a and press b and c simultaneously

some thing might fall out, but if not, press b and a three times each and wait for instructions.

Aaron Held said...

twist knob counter clock wise, untill you here a click. then enter your 6 digit number using the 1, 2, and 3 button.

cocaine jesus said...

many, many years ago, about 1976 i think, a very posh, middle class friend of ours, a bank manager, had moved to epsom where he was the local TSB (not Lloyd's in those days) branch manager. together we walked into this, then, fururistic looking convenience. now all the facility was made of chrome, basins, urinals, walls and floor, whereupon i urinated, as you do, into the urinal and barry pissed into the hand basin. later, when i told him what he had done he became beside himself as he had done this under the gaze of a fellow bladder releaser who was one of the banks biggest clients!

kek-w said...

Fellow-blogger Dom Zero and I checked into a down-market hotel in Paris in the early 80s...both of us being West Country boys away from home we were excited by the prospect of using a bidet for the first time...

But we had all sorts of 'issues' with it...arse wouldn't fit in properly; water-jets pointing downwards - all made for an extremely unsatifying process until we eventually realised we'd been parking our bums on a foot-basin.