28 Feb 2008

crumpets and stoned

living on the farm with spasmo grain.
cheap little mouth without any brain.
flying round the house looking for receipts.
digging out foil with livid deceipts.
romance rides a horse that forever creep.
the only lesson learnt is life is cheap.

better take the bitter pill
better take the bitter pill
bitter full of better
belly full of swill.

hearing tuned to listening for solid beats.
rap doesn't cut it when the thrill retreats.
the widow is a spider sliding down cut glass.
the future nails the present that claims the past.
the past is passing like a whispered sigh.
dreaming of a distant time, christ knows why?

better take the bitter pill
swallow it down
bitter full of better
belly for the clown

taxes for the taxman driving it on.
feeling for a strange truth that now has gone.
spinning like a jenny on the turn of tide.
up and down the blunt fruit they hang to glide.
casting for a finger the ring to spin.
watching all the head skulls gratefully grin.
jamming my rail pass with broken weeds.
hungry for the white lines oblivion speeds.

belly for the bitter pill
belly for the short thrill.
belly full of swill

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