27 Feb 2008

camping million island

friends appear talking to others I don't know / sporadic benches and peachy buttocks / overhanging flesh / leather /chrome / punctured skin and the cleansing confessional / retreat to the boredom bottle / eyeballs tattooed with images of copulation / slick fingers / folds of skin / soft / wet / strings of slime emerge to lick a face / eyes flutter like cherries on a fruit machine / a one armed bandit comes to some sort of resolution / in a sock / on a keyboard / on slick pages of nubile fissures framed by nylon and voyeuristic gazes / fresh skin / summer moisture evaporates / pleasantly / cool imaginations congeal / cluster in the dust and the attrited metals / rusty / flakes / spots of lichen on dulled aluminium / a hover car mulls by / fleeting sound / futures / diagnosed / cancer on the chuffshoot / the end of a finger / in the promise of a cigarette.... ahhh inhale.