9 Feb 2008


1. Touching, regally feeling for a known, seeking qualification, to be legitimised, bomb spitting, searing soft faced furnishings, coverings dropping molten, numbed hands raised to shield face, blackened.
2. >> I told you I’d rip, didn’t I say so conformist fuck!? Grey! Sweet surface cunt, wrapper plastic, didn’t I tell you? <<
3. The anal eye tatters in her butchered face, nail-bomb punctuates, and what shit she spoke. Poured out, effluvial like, stank like it does, always does from the mouths of petit-b filth.
4. Soldiers of God, blind. Unfinished business, a devout emptiness.
5. A devout emptiness, and hollowed stomach empty, all shat out, struggling to shit even with encouragement, and so, therefore, struggling to live. Brain null, mind separates, there is a glassy vista outside of face, intangible?
6. Tiredness arrives, either from sleeping too long or from waking too soon, tiredness comes, it comes and with hope gone is unrelenting. Separates, peels slowly away from the life product, crushed then dropped.
7. All fucking torn, ripped up ragged and flapping, loose, slapping, >> Oh yeah here comes the cunt! Character! we can flesh him out. << A fat-knot lie so white, curious in the meat, squeezes and examines, tween forefinger and thumb.
8. Bomb.


cocaine jesus said...

what a curious concotion this is. quite remarkable!

Robert said...

the man can bring it, CJ!

a huge influence on me over the course of the last year or so