5 Feb 2008



murmurists said...

Aaron ... you're cooking with gas, mate. D4 is so much richer for your input. Fantastic work.

Aaron Held said...

Thanks! but i owe it all to you guys here for all your wonderful inspiration i love this place. :)

Robert said...

yeah, im so glad i took the time to teach you everything i know, Aaron LOL!!

just kidding

youve really brought something to the place, i agree :)

keep up the excellent work!

(young guys tearing it up round here)

cocaine jesus said...

and here is an irrepresible old guy adding his tuppence worth.

aaron, can't really say much more than what has already been said. having you in the team has ceratinly added another ingredient.

Ruela said...


Aaron Held said...

thanks everyone, m glad to add to the concoction ;)