13 Feb 2008

48 In Outer-Space: I sing of sin in B Minor, the cracks in 250 beats per minute must evolve to a higher level. Every haze of strings, then there's a kiss on unmasked genitals bringing new life to Earth, although I refuse to march up and down the steps of this story as in earlier days. A reverberation so long-lived must matter as comets and two choirs relay intricacies that inch higher and higher, glowing like the tenor's ascent into his own starry language.


Anonymous said...

tasty Rob!
=I sing of sin in B Minor=
(reminded me of a song for rattle_)

cocaine jesus said...

good to see you back and still with the muscle.

Robert said...

ty Jaan and CJ

it's good to be back...i didnt REALLY feel like i was missing out on the party because im here everyday as a fan-boy

but im no wallflower, and i still want to get my two cents in every so often :)

Aaron Held said...

he returns!

with some sweet lines, nice one.

Anonymous said...

so well i put up the song_lol
couldn't resist as CJ said anything would be fine_