23 Feb 2008

10:42-01:58: unreadable decades in process--an untranslatable light from the stars possibly an onrush of white on bleeding ears that no longer hear bones from our madness--screaming terrain if confronted by my broken neck, bluish purple hands that had been held decided--distant thunder, optics on hooks, now the year of unfurled clouds pressed to fishnet commercials in a row--emeralds that murder an octane pried from miles of impaled syndrome, a late-night sniff at the lazer-dome striations, myriad sheets of surrender to axial tongues on fire--larvae amidst the looting, unable to remember the rotting teeth that lay in wait, new dances and darker desires coordinating my inner law of fives

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dd wildblood said...

seems like a night in bars and clubs / optics on hooks / nice / read it about five times / confessional / samples from real life? / hope so