7 Jan 2008

your midi anus of non-sequence slagging, you chucknorrisdancer

196*: say to d or m: i'm tidying you up. ok, you said i would. i feel your thumbs in my full hand. i stride aside. i am small. because i am young. i see only fairground. icecream. a toy. i canter. others talk. i can't listen for looking. i am small. i know. and your big thumbs fill my hands. i kick my heels. eventually i will write about this here, now, right now. 1982: i say to d; it was d: ok i said. you're giving me a lecture on *. your *. you're insisting that you get the t feeling. you drag some s along. locked to the b on your r f. i'm thinking p. too p. i'm thinking. but for you, old friend, it's explanation. the s's not the place. but we've little t. so i listen. to your s. ps you are. i blur my e. i have you on m. telling me about the t. the t. the d.irt.y. so, ok. say yourself across to me. i'm willing to understand. i need it pointing out. t me. say in your e. say in your s. in this s. and now. i will out. i will out. out from under you. right of passage. right of passage. in a petrol station, i will defend my sister from the local gangster. he will ring his sons on a mobile phone. i will stand there screaming. because he slighted my sister. he did not see me. i defend her. he rings his sons on a mobile phone. i stand there. nothing. he drives away. fucker.


Jaie said...


cocaine jesus said...

jaie is right. awesome.

Lazare said...


walker texas rager (with glossolalia)

murmurists said...

thanks both of you. much appreciated. and hello and welcome, jaie

oh, and cj, surely the north has already risen. it is at least our second city - that conurbation i miss so much. this mids is nowhere, man. please listen. you don't know what you're missing.

oh lal la la.

but seriously, i love those pithy interpolations, cj - often amongst your best work. your disabling comments makes them appear like editorials, a kind of structuring agent on D4. I think they work well.

One time, well go up North, you and I

murmurists said...

Thanks Lazare. You posted as I posted the above.

cocaine jesus said...

no no, not your north! (love manchester - love the north of england).
THE north of america. there are still those who want to see it rise again with all its inherent historical baggage.

you and i in canal street?? surely not! lol.

thank you for your comments!

murmurists said...

Was thinking more The Cornerhouse gallery, a bite to eat at The 8th Day, then maybe a pint at Via Fossa - yes on Canal Street, but with my wife, to ensure everything above board.

North America ... I like Americans. I have several American friends; and I celebrate aspects cof their culture wholeheartedly. America is essentially a European idea; and I am wholeheartedly European in my tastes, proclivities, and attitudes - if one can speak so generally. America is in alot of trouble politically, I'd say - more exactly, historically. It's fizzling out. Culturally, it's in short trousers most of the time, in my view. It lacks sophistication. But there are lovely exceptions. Take comedy: Woody Allen, Larry David. Wow. Double wow. But money speaks more loudly and less ambiguously there - so its cultural products are money writ large; and so, consequently, look a bit like advertising, they look a bit desperate. Case in point: saw Belgian horror film, Calvaire (The Ordeal) recently. Brilliant. Would never have been made in US. And that's a shame. Glengary Glennross was though. So there are things to like.

Gotta watch their bombs, though.

Aaron Held said...

love the confusion this gives me, sweeet title

murmurists said...

thanks aaron

cocaine jesus said...

murmuruists>>>you provide the detail and insight that i would otherwise struggle to voice. i agree 100% about america and americans. love so much of their shallow culture but not a patch on europes. enjoy the liberallity they have droped onto us all. dislike their work to live ethos. much prefer europes work to live attitude.

as for a tour of manchester - culture followed by a pint with you and your fair lady wife...whenever!

murmurists said...

CJ - '...dislike their work to live ethos. much prefer europes work to live attitude...'. Spot on.

Next time we are in London, we should endeavour to meet up. Spring would be nice.

I miss Manchester so much.

But do watch out for that film, Calvaire. Very good.