6 Jan 2008

Write Down

On demand-those hands claw around the edge of discrete/

syrup tones secrete secrets leapt from the deep

Abyss of accalades_A claim to do choices_choices to hare.

Hear or be here. The long line of desires toes continums

across the line. All hail forever. Tales of the truth-

Time only confers indefinatly: Ego revamp. An answer.

An idea. Tiny droplets of misfortune scorching their way in.

Past, the door man. Now man bows forever curling fingers

at the untold just told in Just tounges.

The future froze. The call won't reach_Succes has bleached

the senses into entering forms for the worthless. Directions

mislayed. Monuments displayed. Then awake in time_

45 before chisels storm down to capture now and transpose

a bleak future. Bright bodies.

Write down)(Oblivious boy bounce. Stress free debt to collect

regret. Recently_regressed_Steps on entry_sound.Displayed.

Tangents to forces pimped excitedly_Extremities lead extravgant

tunes. Im too In-Di-Go. Diana had breasts. My dreams of her

wont feed me sustinance. Documents. Declaims. Proclaim.

"I didnt do it" Signatures swivell chairs. Well_I'll be damned.

100 hungry voices. Find me submerged. Writing on the devil's death bed

Breath of a feather_Father of a hurricane slain. In came those same tu-lips

Marry-Yo. Balance this. Zulu sat certain. Monkeys mumble certainly.

The rythm of 8 escapes- I twist in disguised freedom. Shake loose the barriers

and break. 4x4

Met a river named nevermind_These voices tell tales of carbiuned pressure.

My voice exhales a landscape like this: Icy frozen. Laden

with shapes I grossly accumulate. Trenches filled with sorrow.

Swollen like theres no tommorow. The summer was no rapist.


cocaine jesus said...

welcome jaie! good use of words. i enjoy the way you write.

Aaron Held said...

sweet lines, summer was no rapist but it did like taking up-skirt pics.

Robert said...

welcome Jaie!

your hip-hoppity-surrealo flow just destroys me EVERYTIME!

it's just beautiful to see you writing again and throwing down over here

Jaie said...

thanks for the invite..i enjoyed writing this after being awoken by a series of images i had to confront.