16 Jan 2008

Woman Mythology

A part of her still longs
to pin a black hole
to the pendulum
as it swings through time
slicing the air of her laughter.

she was stained
with the aurora inside
as she tired to scrape
the abyss
from her crystal chapters
but thats thats a story
not to be remembered.

her memories carry her
through crowded hallways
and in through
doors ajar,
the child in the bed
she must read to
as a placated melody
swirls an other worldly condition
into being.

but memories are
a thing of the past.

the eternity she keeps
unfolds, both towards
and inwards
she smiles lightly
and gathers a truth to share...

she once appeared on a battlefield
centuries ago
and men laid down their arms
in sight of her
and swore never to do battle
in the face of such beauty
only to be slaughtered -
they are rumored to
have died in a bliss
worth dying for
having been chosen
to serve her in the afterlife...
to this day the story is told
as a means for men to war..

she has been known to posses
the hearts of men
and send them sinking
into insanity
poets and painters
testify to this
as i myself
am not immune
fighting the power of herself
i must meditate away from
home to remain sane.

seven days burn.

incandescent weeks.

she claims
none of the above
just remains humbly
in awarenessof nature's
tragic ways.

they tell her to incarnate into poverty,
knowing that rich men
will sell their
possessions to attain her.
villages are raided
if she is not found
ash willmark the ground
bodies will lay...*shakes head*

stars are the peep holes
of gods trying to catch
a glimpse of her from a far,
i can only claim to
have seen her in this
but what are we
in this dimension
but as drunkard fools
falling over our own
leeches and liars
to teachers
and priests
ungrateful rebels
of the earth
desperate creatures
destrutive and dangerous
i fear my eyes may have seen
what my mind cannot contain
i lay slain each night
in darkness
swearing to the moon
that i have dreamt of her
but the wind tell me
dreams are for fools
dreams are for fools
dreams are for fools...


Robert said...

Jaie, this was AMAZING!

cocaine jesus said...

but we still keep dreaming. quite a tour de force this one. crisp and sharp.

Lazare said...

beautifully written.
classic classy.