3 Jan 2008

Thanks...Interesting answers. Appreciated. Yes, the presence of substance (or otherwise) produces elemental qualities (or otherwise). We can prove it, too. There can be no alternative complexion, as you say. Body-type dictates personality, as you say. You, for example, are formally sanguine; you are anticipating our impending heroic blood-let. Yah! (Fuck 'em.) You symbolise such, carrying that definition ontologically, having your own picture in a magazine. (Thanks for the link.) To us, you are our last ditch; and we are training a magazine upon you, in love. Oh yes, we love you; oh, liver/die-er, ignore the air, hot and moist. red-cheeked and corpulent you are; for our satisfaction! Kiss Kiss! You are seldom self-enclosed, sexyfuck. You get us amorous, ruddy one. We are happy in our irresponsibility, and poke you without protection. When can we meet next? Oh, while we remember... Our friend, the Choleric - red-haired, short-tempered, but usefully ambitious, remember? ...Well, we are working her revenges. lol An empire will fall. Best wishes

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cocaine jesus said...

as much as it pains me, sexy fuck is not a title which has ofetn been applied to me. such is life i guess.