19 Jan 2008

Sir/Madam, I am here, as you requested, 8pm on the dot. Can I say that you straddle the comforts of your documentorial spaces so very well, exploiting fuzzy time so very well, urlocating and historicising so very well? When I first sat down to write this introductory reply, I assumed we were figures in some disgusting experiment. I began putting all kinds of tasty details into alphabetical order. Assembling my bogus, dispassionate archive took me in, though, and I chalked on namelessly until your helpful deadline loomed. Now I realise, I have not been exact in my research and my lists are meaningless. For instance, I have included no unspeakable acts of terror; not one. My oversight, then, is perpetrated against all innocent people. Shall I apologise? Might this apology be official? This seems appropriate, as I think that we are veering into the realm of belief. I will stay on Messenger until 11pm. Thanks.

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