11 Jan 2008

Q/A, via Messenger


murmurists said...

Caught up with the debate raging about the prospective radio interview. First off, am assuning the offer came via myspace...? Got to take such things with a pinch of salt...the amount of supposed 'offers' I've had ... well the latest - some US film company wanting to purchase my song, ne.wave. Got the email. Responded. Nothing. Same late last year - film-maker wanting me to score his horror film; earlier still - get this - Stevo from Some Bizarre wanting amurmurists song on some LP. In each case, I just answered respectfully. But no response in turn came! Weird people out there.

I'm not against anything anyone chooses to do with and for Discharge - so long as it is done with consultation and in keeping with our general ethos and politics.

But, anyway, should you choose to surrender to the interview... this film is my contribution.

Enjoy please.

Lazare said...

well... discharge tv indeed!
(see comments on jaie's latest posting)

regarding the interview... at least the station seems to actually exist, but you know - internet interaction requires caution. i agree with you on ethos.

an aside... "stevo, pay us what you owe us!"

and by the way, this is fucking brilliant, but i can't get to read your lips...

Aaron Held said...

love it! great video

kek-w said...

Dr. A: face-splitter.

cocaine jesus said...

as you all know, my response to 'radio' interview was a no. still is. however, this wonderful film would make an excellent response in that it is not rude (in the punk/lydon way. in fact it is not rude in any sense. it does not enter into any ludicrous debate. it simply states, in the boldest terms exactly what our unwritten manifesto should be.

i think we should respond with this.

i have to say though, on another note, not so sure about meeting with you any where M after seeing this!

murmurists said...

Thanks all. Much appreciated.

lol CJ.