24 Jan 2008



David Setchell said...


IMO. your images have a contagious stillness to them. The collage layer styles do too, even with all that's in them. They just always seem to take me to being young. night in the woods alone for the first time. you know where you are afraid of nothing, and your head only turns slowly.


Ruela said...

In first place forgive me for not making the correct use of your language and give it the value that deserves.
I still have certain limitations in answering, even so I understand the reading.
Debtor, really I appreciate your commentary and I go to try to express myself of the best form.
Once in a while I leave everything behind... the racket, the civilization... and penetrate in these almost magical places.
It is everything so quiet and peaceful and really it seems that the head moves in slow motion.
It is a trip to the deepest roots.
Bloody roots.
thank you.

David Setchell said...


think that is the word i'm looking for.

very forgiven -> i can make only single word use of yours and i even lived with a kid from san paolo.

the magic translates very well

cocaine jesus said...

foggy images of isolation and of being small in the face of mother nature.

Ruela said...

david: that's the word ;)

cj: very small and puppets...